3 Ways to Cultivate Healthy Communication at Home or Work.

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Communication exposes what is going on inside the human heart. This is why it can often be the most sensitive space in any relationship.

Danny Silk, author of the popular book Keep Your Love On, has put together a short, but dense guide to creating patterns of healthy communication at home with your spouse or at work with colleagues. 

Whether you're looking for a reboot in your relationship or just additional keys to effective communication, Danny's practical advice and poignant stories will leave you with the power to communicate in love and ultimately protect your connections.

Communication is a powerful-person-only sport.

Agreement isn’t the point.

Facts Don’t Get You to Connection.

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Meet Danny Silk.

Danny serves on the Senior Leadership Team of both Bethel Church in Redding, CA and at Jesus Culture in Sacramento, CA. 

Danny is an author of four books: Culture of Honor, Loving our Kids on Purpose, Powerful and Free and the top selling Keep Your Love On.

He founded Loving on Purpose—a ministry to families and communities worldwide—and lives in Sacramento with his wife of 32 years, three children and three grandchildren.
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